Dear Members,


It’s September, and throughout our region, students will be returning to school.

We want to take this opportunity to help explain the framework of CNY Rotary. One of the biggest (or smallest) changes in CNY Rotary is the structure of the leadership team. be much larger, we thought of ways to mak Since our area will e the job of the District Governor less daunting. Here is what the transition team envisions:

CNY Rotary will be led by a board of directors. This board will be comprised of a President (District Governor), President Elect (DGE), President Nominee (DG N), President Designate (DGND, non (IPDG), 2 Past Presidents at Large (2 iPDGs), Finance, Immediate Past President This board will act in a collaborative manner to run the business of CNY Rotary.

We chose these titles to be more relatab le to both Rotary members and nonRotarians. Rotary International will know our President as our District Governor, just as they will recognize CNY Rotary as District 7180 (or whatever number we are assigned).

There will be additional opportunities for regional service in CNY Rotary. The new structure will have committees you will recognize, such as finance, public image, membership and the like. We will also include Area Representatives (Assistant Governors) to assist clubs in achieving club goals.

With our combined resources, we hope that clubs feel empowered and supported in the imperative work they are doing in their communities locally and abroad.

DG Denise , DG Rocky and DG Jerry