Committee Details

Thank you for coming to learn how you can get involved. There are many roles to be filled in order to build our larger, more comprehensive committees to effectively provide support, education and resources to the 100+ clubs that will make up CNY Rotary.

Expand the committee titles below for more information on how to get involved in that area of service. There are opportunities for volunteers of all experience levels, with training and education available to help you in your role. You can also select “other” if you are unsure which committee might be the best fit for you.

If you are interested in becoming an Area Representative (currently called an Assistant Governor, or AG), please sit tight as we are still working on re-imagining that role and how clubs can nominate their representative. Because we plan on having clubs choose someone from their area to represent them, you can start thinking about who that could be. We hope to have more details on that process in early 2024!

NEW Service Committee

Join a brand new committee dedicated to supporting and celebrating service throughout CNY Rotary. Check out some of the committee role descriptions below to see what would align with your skillset and interests in Rotary. 

Submit your name now to get included in the first committee meeting in March and let us know which role you are most interested in!

Committee roles include:
-Oversees committee activities and keeps projects on track
-Holds monthly committee meeting
-Prepares reporting for leadership
-Stays connected to additional service groups and partner programs
-At least four years of Rotary experience preferred
-RLI graduate preferred
-Complete specific courses in The Learning Center

-Collaborates with CNY Rotary Training committee to have service-focused topics covered at all training events
-Works with chair on relevant topics for service education
-Posts educational content on district website (directly or with webmaster)
-Participates in virtual and in-person training to lead service education

Service Knowledge Bank Team
Seeking 2-3 people who will:
Establish and manage a database of service projects on the district website
-Connect with Public Image to promote this resource
Submit a monthly service project from the region to be featured in the district newsletter and on social media
-Create and distribute awards

District Service Team
Seeking 2-3 people who will:
-Recruit members/clubs to participate in district-wide initiatives
-Work with the Chair to identify district-wide service opportunities
-Regularly evaluate the impact of district-wide initiatives
-Identify regional needs (i.e. disaster response)
-District point of contact for any potential CNY Rotary-wide or international service projects

Community Assessment Advisor
If you are good at doing these kinds of assessments, we need someone (or more than one person) equipped to help clubs conduct assessments in an effort to ensure they are doing meaningful service.

Logistical Support
-Provide technical and logistical support to clubs and members
-Identify resources for clubs and members to make the logistics of service projects easier
-Work with training as needed
-Contribute to newsletter content with helpful tips and guidance
-Establish best practices for events/service

Service Communications
-Works with the committee to get service information into a newsletter, on social media, and website
-Work with Chair to create a yearly communications plan, aligning with the overall service strategy
-Helps other sub-committees with writing articles and/or creating graphics


NEW Events Committee

We’re launching a brand new committee dedicated to putting on events of all kinds in CNY Rotary. Is event planning your thing? Do you like making sure other people are having fun? Is there one particular event you’ve always helped with in the past? Then you’ve found your place!

Below are the committee roles, which will require a good-sized team. Submit your name through the form on this page to let us know which role would interest you most and we’ll be sure to invite you to their first committee meeting in March!

-Reports to and provides reporting for CNY Rotary Executive Board & Leadership Team
-Holds and sets agenda for monthly committee meetings
-Point person for inquiries from other committees about planning events
-Accountability enforcer – ensure all team members follow through
-Ensures there are monthly submissions to district communications
-Prior experience planning district events preferred
-Rotary member for at least 4 years preferred
-Completed District Committee Basics and Your District Events in the Rotary Learning Center

Vice Chair
-Works with and supports Events Chair
-Fills in for Chair at meetings and functions as needed
-Assumes chair position after at least one year, subject to executive committee approval

Registration Team
Seeking 2-3 people who will:
-Help with setting up registration for CNY Rotary events
-At least one member of sub-committee to attend all events for registration purposes
-Does require knowledge of or willingness to learn ClubRunner event tools

Logistics Team
Seeking 2-3 people who will:
-Helps with logistics like arranging hotel blocks, finding venues, catering, pricing, etc.
-Responsible for visiting potential event sites as needed to ensure the space works for our needs

Activities Team
Seeking 3-5 people who will:
-take the lead on setting up individual events, from social outings to official area visits for the CNY Rotary President

Event Communications
-Works with Public Image team to promote CNY Rotary events
-Coordinates communications with Events Chair and Activities Team
-Helps with signage and graphics (or partners with Public Image)
-Attends Public Image meetings to ensure symbioses with Public Image team

Club Event Support
-Provides support to clubs hosting events to include logistics, registration set-up, volunteer coordination, how to solicit sponsors, etc. either through their own experience or by connecting them with specialists on the leadership team
-Would collaborate with Service Committee

District Conference Chair (to start now for 2025 event)
-Works with CNY Rotary President to plan and execute an annual conference for all members
-Collaborates with CNY Rotary President to identify and recruit team members
-Helps with researching potential locations and negotiating contract
-Oversees committee composed of members from throughout CNY Rotary and the Events committee to divide up the many responsibilities of putting together a conference – communications, logistics, registration, speakers, events/activities, catering, etc.
-Ensure all aspects of the conference event are covered so it can be a success and deliver value to all who attend
-Be present at conference to ensure event runs smoothly
-Rotary member for at least 2 years preferred
-Experience in event planning preferred
-High Rotary IQ
-Has attended District Conference before
-Completed District Committee Basics and Your District Events in the Rotary Learning Center

District Conference 2025 Team
Composed of members from throughout CNY Rotary (can include members of the Events committee) that can help with all aspects of conference execution:
-Communications – promotion for registration, designing program for event
-Logistics (should be handled by Logistics team from Events Committee)
-Registration (should be handled by Registration team from Events Committee)
-Booking speakers
-Scheduling activities
-A/V and IT Support
-House of Friendship
-Coordinating with Youth Exchange to have students attend

Team members should have some experience in planning events.
Each specialty area could form sub-committees that would welcome those with less experience as part of the succession plan for future conferences.


Chair: Kimmy Talbot, Scotia Rotary

Check back soon for updates on the specific roles remaining to be filled. In the meantime, you can still use the form on this page to let us know you want to be part of the team!

Rotaract will be part of this committee now that Rotaractors are members of Rotary, but please use the separate drop-down menu option if you are interested in working on the Rotaract team.

Public Image

Chair: Melissa Rathbun, Galway Rotary

You can use the form on this page to let us know you want to get involved in some way or indicate one of the below job openings as something you would accel at!

Webmaster: CNY Rotary will have a ClubRunner website that needs maintenance and support. Anyone who is tech-savvy can learn how to use their website builder tool through YouTube videos and support from the leadership team members with experience.

Social Media Support: We need people with experience at creating social content and who understand social strategy to join the team. CNY Rotary is active on Facebook and Instagram, so you will need to be able to use Meta’s business tools, which will make it easier to collaborate as a team. The member in this role would work with the PI Chair and the communications people from other committees to develop posts on a variety of topics, execute campaigns to promote CNY Rotary happenings and drive the schedule of posts for a consistent social presence.

Small Club Support: Join a team that will help clubs experiencing skill gaps that make it hard for them to have a great Public Image. Members on this team should have any or all of the following skills to offer: a good understanding of Rotary’s brand, how to access important PI resources online, graphic design, and communications strategies.


Chair: Don Reese, Utica Rotary

This committe has all of its sub-committee chairs and voting roles filled, but is accepting members who wish to join a sub-committee in a non-voting capacity. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how we support the Rotary International Foundation and execute grants.

You can reach out to the sub-committee chairs below and copy Chair Don Reese on your message, or just message Don directly if you aren’t sure the best spot for you. You can also use the form on this page to let us know you want to get involved.

District Grants – Dave Hennel

Global Grants – Lana Rouff

Finance Committee

Finance Chair: Doug Larison, Cortland Rotary

We are looking for two people who are club presidents this year (2023-24) to serve on our Finance Committee starting next year. These Immediate Past Club Presidents would collaborate with the Finance Chair, get a feel for district leadership and be the voice of the clubs when it comes to our finances.
One person will serve for one year and the other will serve for two years in order to establish a rotation. With limited roles, only two candidates will be chosen. Choose the Finance committee in the drop down on the form when submitting your name if you are interested in this role!


If you have bookkeeping or club treasurer experience, we need you! Work with our Finance Chair Doug Larison and the leadership team to keep us in the black, take care of reimbursements and be a diligent keeper of our financial information. This role will require being bonded and will be set up as a co-treasurer team effort. 

More details on how the responsibilities will be divided into a treasurer team still to come!


Chair: Deb Glisson, Onondaga North Rotary

Hurry to join this team that will be putting on our District Training Assembly, Super Saturday on April 6, 2024.

You can be part of the facilitator team, help with communications about learning opportunities, be a helper at in-person events and more. Contact us with the form on this page or reach out to Chair Deb directly if you are interested in getting involved.


Chair: Pam Baxter, Albany Rotary

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusive committee will work on various projects as a team, but will also have individuals focused on working with other CNY Rotary committees to ensure all are seeing their activities through a DEI lens.
They are seeking someone passionate and knowledgeable about DEI who would like to be the liaison to the new Service committee.

DEI also needs someone versed in communications who can oversee DEI submissions to CNY Rotary social media and news.

And the team is seeking members that are knowledgeable about planning and executing inclusive and accessible events in order to serve as an advisor to both clubs and the district.

Use the form on this page to let us know if you want to get involved in general or for any of the specific job openings noted here.

Youth Programs

Is this your area of expertise and passion in Rotary? We need leaders that can help clubs establish vibrant Interact Clubs and we will need volunteers for an expanded Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Please sign up to help!

Youth Exchange

Chair: Zoren Bullock, Trumansburg Rotary

The work done on this committee often requires experience, but there are still opportunities for members to get involved and gain that experience. All members working with youth will have to complete a background check. Please submit your name indicating your interest in getting involved in this fun, life-changing program for young people around the world!


As part of the Membership Committee, this will be an important sub-committee to strengthen membership growth through Rotaract Clubs existing and new. Let us know if you want to help grow Rotary with young members and innovative club formats that will appeal to them.

Insurance Advisor

Are you someone who works in insurance and would be willing to lend your time as an advisor for our region?

This role includes supporting clubs who need to file an insurance claim through the coverage provided by Rotary International, participating in training events that educate club leaders on this coverage, and serving as general counsel on all things insurance.

Information on RI’s coverage is provided and anyone working in insurance should find this role a breeze! Reach out using the form on this page and tell us why you would like to help in this way.


Please use this form to express your interest in joining CNY Rotary committees.

7 + 6 =

Keep checking this page for updates to the roles that need to be filled. You can use the form on this page at any time to let us know you want to be part of a team!