CNY Rotary Teams

Get Involved

Thank you to our Steering Committee for their guidance and leadership in developing our new region:

Bruce McConnelee
Cheryl Matt
Cindy Kain
Dana Jerrad
Deb Glisson
Denise Dinoto
Elise Hereth
Evan Kurtz


Jerry Seguin
Lizzy Martin
Matt Adler
Melissa Ward-Rathbun
Rocky Martinez
Wendy Deis
Whitney Pangburn
Director Drew Kessler

We also want to thank everyone who took part or is still working on a Transition Action Group (TAG) in helping design the future CNY Rotary committees that will ensure we can successfully support our clubs and members. There are still opportunities to serve in this capacity in helping us create committees for several of our Youth programs (RYLA, Interact, etc.), Events and Service. If you are interested, choose one of those categories in the drop down and submit your name here.

Welcome to our newly appointed chairs and stay tuned for more announcements as leadership roles are confirmed in the coming months.

  • Membership Chair – Kimmy Talbot, Scotia Rotary
  • Foundation Chair – Don Reese, Utica Rotary
  • Finance Chair – Doug Larison, Cortland Rotary
  • Youth Exchange Chair – Zoren Bullock, Trumansburg Rotary
  • Training Chair – Deb Glisson, Onondaga North Rotary
  • Public Image Chair – Deb Eves, Chestertown Rotary
  • CNY Rotary Secretary – Dana Jerrard, Utica Rotary

There are still roles to be filled. Click here to submit your name for an open position or committee.

CNY Rotary is scheduled to launch on July 1, 2024.

In the interim, many of our events will be “mulit-district” events so we all have the opportunity to meet, and enjoy each other.