Dear Members,

We just returned from a very productive retreat weekend with district leaders from 7150, 7170 and 7190. During the weekend we shared ideas, put together our structure and planned how to progress. The biggest news to come out of this weekend’s retreat is the name of our new region, which will be CNY Rotary. Our mission is to create a new regional Rotary group that will comprise our three current districts. Instead of viewing this as a merger, we are embracing this as an opportunity to create something new in order to provide more resources, maximize opportunities and increase the impact we can have in our communities. For a region this size, we’ll be modeling ourselves after other large districts from around the world who have created a board of directors. This will give us a strong leadership team to serve all of you. Our vision statement is: CNY Rotary unites, educates and inspires people in our communities to take action and create lasting change. While we don’t have all the answers to all of your concerns today, know that we are creating transition teams to help with every aspect of running this new region. We intend to keep you updated through every step of the transition process. We know you have questions and look forward to engaging in dialogue about this process in the coming months. We are creating a web site and have a brand new social media page. Please like and follow CNY Rotary on Facebook. We will also be sharing messages in this newsletter every month as we work towards our goal of a unified CNY Rotary. Your participation will be vital to our work. Visit to learn about volunteer opportunities and see the latest from the steering committee. We hope you share in our excitement. We look forward to connecting with you online and will see you here in the newsletter again next month!

Warmest Rotary Wishes, Rocky, Jerry & Denise