Dear Members,

Happy Fall! Summer road construction is wrapping up, but construction of CNY Rotary is underway.

As we prepare this newsletter, many of the CNY Steering Committee members are participating in the Zone 28/32 Learning to Lead training in Toronto. We are enjoying the chance to listen to Rotary International leaders and network with others who have engaged in the work we are completing.

In our September newsletter, we described how we created transition teams to tackle various components of this process.

The transition teams that will help build out the structure of CNY Rotary have begun their work.

Last month, the groups started to meet in person to share ideas and develop a plan of action.

How does this work? There is a transition team for each of the key Rotary committees: Membership, Finance, Foundation, Public Image, Youth Exchange, and Administration. The teams are led by a member of the CNY Steering Committee with volunteers from each district serving as experts in their respective areas. These teams will develop the structure for a committee that will best serve the needs of our region drawing from current practices, policies, and traditions. They will also take this opportunity to incorporate new and innovative ideas to better serve you – our members and clubs.

This is only the first phase of our work, but a very important step forward. We will continually involve other members in the planning process. Even if you have never served at the district level, consider offering your skills in the process and be a part of this exciting transition. As a Rotarian, your insight is valued and respected, so please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Remember, you can always submit any questions about the transition on our website at We want to hear what is on your mind and will respond to you directly. We know many are probably wondering the same things, so we will also anonymously share the questions and answers in future newsletters. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay connected!

DG Denise, DG Jerry and DG Rocky