Committee Chair Nominations

Please use this form to self-nominate or nominate a Rotarian for a board seat, or chair position.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Prepare and send out meeting notices, agendas and supporting documents; and Zoom link
  • Executive Committee meetings o DLT meetings
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Other ad hoc meetings as requested by the DG
  • Record meeting minutes.

Once reviewed by the DG, circulate draft minutes to the applicable committee members, PEs.

File approved meeting minutes in District ClubRunner (Documents Download).

Manage the District Organization Chart and Committee Management [District ClubRunner] – enter new appointees and remove individuals whose terms have ended (except for members on Committees) – as directed by the District Leadership Recruitment Chair.

Assist the DG and District Governor Elect with managing District Appointments [My Rotary]. Per having DG role delegated by the current DG.

Assist the DG, Executive, Directors, Chairs, Leads/Liaisons with Club communications as requested.

Provide Club Secretary training at Rotary Weekend (and/or online).

Provide advice/assistance to Club Secretaries as requested.

Arrange for District Name Badges for new appointees. Qualifications / Requirements / Skills • Strong organizational skills


Computer knowledge, including working knowledge of ClubRunner, MS Office (Word, Excel), Zoom

Strong communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Term: 3 years – appointed By President with documented agreement of PE and PEN

Qualifications: The ideal candidate would possess experience (professionally or lived) with DEI or with leading DEI activities

Minimum 2 years’ experience in Rotary preferred

Candidate should be proficient in use of email and virtual meetings

Familiarity with Rotary’s online tools, the Learning Center, and RI reports accessible to District DEI Chairs 

Expectations: Documented completion of the current basic and intermediate DEI training courses available on The Learning Center:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Basics (Duration: 1h 45m)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Intermediate  (Duration: 1h 45m)
  • (DRAFT 12 Apr 2024)

Basic roles and responsibilities & qualifications

  • Must be a PDG (Per RI? Need to verify this)
  • Attend CNY Board of Directors meetings as a voting member.
  • Some background managing finances (Beyond household…business, large projects, training such as CPA)
    is a plus
  • 2 year commitment
  • Chair quarterly Finance committee meetings
  • Develop agenda
  • Advise District Board on district financial status and help guide spending
  • File annual IRS form N990 (short or long? Depend on amount of $)
  • Assure that the appropriate District members are bonded each year (Treasure, Assistant Treasurer, etc)
  • Be able to travel within the CNY-Rotary region as required
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Member in good standing of a Rotary club(s) for at least three years
  • Experience with a District or Global Grant (could be anything, even filling out the form for the club, or attending a Grants Management Seminar)
  • Has made a personal donation to The Foundation, or contributed to an event benefiting a Foundation program
  • Has completed or will complete the District Foundation Chair track at the Rotary Learning Center
  • Chaired a club Rotary Foundation Committee
  • Completed a District Grant application
A Plus
  • Served at the district level in any capacity, especially the TRF committee
  • Has been a contact person for a district or global grant project
  • Has knowledge of successful Foundation projects originating from other clubs and/or districts
  • Has a history of successful fundraising  


  • Complete Public Image track in Learning Center
  • RLI graduate preferred
  • Public Image/Marketing experience a plus
  • ClubRunner experience preferred (training available)

Qualities a PI Chair should possess:

  • Exceptional understanding of Rotary brand and high Rotary IQ
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


  • Duties:
    Accountability enforcer – ensure all team members follow through on club support
  • Responsible for internal district communications (i.e. emailing all members monthly
  • Prepare regular reporting for CNY Rotary board
  • Holding a monthly meeting with Public Image Committee
  • Work with CNY Rotary President on any public-facing interviews or inquiries
  • Develop and work as a team to implement overall public image strategy
  • Act as member of Small Club Support team

Term: 3 years

Membership Committee Chair:
-ensures information is posted in the district newsletter every month
-works with district webmaster to keep membership resources up to date
-hold monthly committee meetings to get updates from subcommittees and committee members
-work with committee members on measurable goals
-attend Zone Institute training for membership
-communicate to district leadership about committee activities
-attend District Training Assembly
-Complete the Membership track in the Learning Center
-Attend or send a proxy to Zone Institute for membership training
-great communicator
-self-motivated with good follow through
-experience with successful team-building
-experience with or understanding of strategic planning and execution

Chair (2 year term)

Vice Chair (2 year term),

Liaisons (3 year terms) – Each would have a
specific set of responsibilities in alignment with the areas where training is needed:

  • Pre PETS Liaison
  • MD PETS Liaison
  • DTA Liaison
  • GMS Liaison
  • Identified Needs Liaison
  • RLI Liaison
  • Youth Services Liaison
  • Leader Development / Succession
    Liaison. (ie: Assistant Governors,
    Committee Chairs, etc.).

Term: 3 years

-Oversee YE Committee – schedules and runs meetings on as-needed schedule, sets agenda
-Be the one who communicates with CNY Rotary leadership/CNY Rotary President
-Part of decisions regarding disciplinary action
-Confirm club participation, promote program to clubs
-Plan club training with Compliance Officer
-Enters committee members into YEAH
-The buck stops here

-Min 3 years of Youth Exchange experience
-Prefer that they serve at least one of those years as Co-Chair
-Must go through volunteer approval process – application, background check, state training, NAYEN training and local training

Does this person have experience?