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Nominating CNY Rotary President

Nominating Committee shall invite clubs to submit their suggestions for nominations for President.

The invitation is to be made at least two months* before suggestions are due to the nominating committee. The suggestions shall be submitted by a resolution naming the suggested candidate adopted at a regular club meeting and certified by the secretary. The committee shall nominate the best qualified Rotarian who is available to serve as governor and not be limited to those names submitted by the clubs.

Nominating Committee consists of:

  • the Chair
  • one (1) PDG from each of the three (3) geographical areas of the District,
  • one (1) Assistant Governor from each of the three (3) geographical areas of the District,
  • one (1) Immediate Past Club President chosen randomly from each of the three (3) geographical areas of the District
  • the DGE (currently there are 3).


Per Rotary International, potential challenges to the Committee’s selection can be made within the following guidelines:

1. Only clubs that have proposed a candidate for DGND can challenge the selection of the Nominating Committee by a resolution of the club adopted at a regular meeting

2. Challenges must be filed with the governor within 14 days of notification of the selection for governor-nominee.

3. Within seven days after the deadline, the governor shall notify clubs if there is a challenging candidate. The notice shall include the name and qualifications of each challenging candidate, and  process to determine if there is a valid number of clubs concurring with the challenge. If so, a vote of all clubs must take place between 15 and 30 days, with instructions that the completed ballot be returned to the governor within 15 and 30 days following the date the governor sent the ballots to the club, per. the RI Bylaws 12.030.8 If there is no challenge to the Committee’s selection, the candidate will become DGND.

* NOTE: as 2023 is an unusual year, the 60 days notice will be shortened to 30.

Please send completed nomination forms to



Our first steering committee retreat was a lot of hard work however we made some time for fun! We are committed to the work that lies ahead but we recognize the value of the fellowship and fun that unites us all!

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